The Blue Beetle



    The Blue Beetle story

    The Blue Beetle story


    Unconventional Gin

    THE BLUE BEETLE is not a common gin. Inspired by the character of the elusive king of beetles that is not frequently found in nature, it is enigmatic, captivating, elegant and sophisticated.

    High Quality

    Crafted after rigorous and lengthy research on the ingredients and raw materials. Made to a secret recipe of 18+1 herbs and botanicals with one being never disclosed. That is what makes THE BLUE BEETLE a uniquely distinctive gin.

    Created to pair

    Just like the Blue Beetle sometimes changes slowly or rapidly from iridescent blue to reddish, so too does THE BLUE BEETLE London Dry Gin change its colour when skillfully mixed in cocktails.

    There are many types of beetles. The blue beetle, however, is not a common beetle. It is not frequently found in nature and we generally know very little about it. In short, we can say it is the elusive king of beetles. Blue Beetle Gin is inspired by this character. Rare and unconventional, enigmatic and captivating, elegant and sophisticated.

    In much the same way, the unconventional THE BLUE BEETLE Gin changes its color when combined expertly in cocktails. An elegant and sophisticated gin made to a recipe of 18+1 carefully selected herbs and botanicals, produced in small batches of 6.000 bottles. An enigmatic, captivating gin with a smooth and lingering taste.


    THE BLUE BEETLE London Dry Gin,
    is not a common Gin

    18+1 Botanicals

    18+1 Botanicals

    One of which herbs is never disclosed

    TheBlueBeetle-Mint Mint 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Balm Balm 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Juniper Juniper 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Coriander Coriander 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Liquorice Liquorice 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Angelica Angelica 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Lemonpeel Lemon peel 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Orangepeel Orange peel 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Cardamom Cardamom 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Cinnamon Cinnamon 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Guinea-pepper Guinea pepper 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Cubeb-pepper Cubeb pepper 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Lemon-scent Lemon 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Orange-scent Orange 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Grapefruit-scent Grapefruit 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Bergamot-scent Bergamot 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Lavender-scent Lavender 18 + 1 Botanicals
    TheBlueBeetle-Geranium-scent Geranium 18 + 1 Botanicals

    THE BLUE BEETLE London Dry Gin
    is an elegant and sophisticated gin,
    produced in small batches of 6.000 bottles.

    Make it unconventional

    THE BLUE BEETLE London Dry Gin recipes for you to… find your mate!




    Gin and lime were meant to be together. More so even than Gin and


    The French Martini


    A Simple, Fruity and Tempting Cocktail Ingredients SERVINGS: MAKES 1 2 ounces Blue Beetle London


    South Side


    Ingredients SERVINGS: MAKES 1 8 fresh mint leaves, slapped 3 oz. Blue Beetle London


    Bee’s Knees


    Why isn’t this Prohibition-era recipe, a brilliant combination of Gin and honey, more widely



    An ambitious entry in the field of selected premium spirits!

    iit was in 2014 when LEOMAR Limited was created from people with long experience in the international spirits market and a high level of ambition. Based in London – the trade center of wine, spirits and distillates – with an aim to offer selective and exceptional products, in limited volumes, for consumers who know to appreciate refined and unique spirits.
    With an experienced network of specialized partners, LEOMAR focuses on raw materials, recipes and local producers that are in total alignment with its philosophy to create high quality spirit brands that will be distinguished and successfully developed in the international spirits market.

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